Odoo / OpenERP

Expand as you grow

  • World class software

  • Easy to use

  • Integrated CRM

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership

  • Open source that facilitates integration

  • Applies to small, medium and large companies

  • Integrated business intelligence

Implementation of Open ERP (Odoo)

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ERP systems integrate all areas of a company generating large savings, avoiding double capture, double processes and directing human and economic resources to activities that generate greater value. These systems also allow for greater productivity since information flows reliably, standardized and systematized to make good decisions. Visible in real time and on any device, cell phone, tablet, laptop and desktop.

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OpenERP (Odoo), is an open source ERP that gives opportunity to robust, personalized and very competitive implementations. We use the community version because it aligns with our principles of freedom with the use of software. This fact avoids the constant purchase of licenses, greatly reducing the implementation costs.

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With OpenERP (Odoo), the system is customized to the company's processes, preventing companies from adapting to rigid and non-proprietary processes.

Excellent opportunity for growing companies, franchises and high performance organizations.

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Open ERP Odoo has an extremely friendly and modern interface without reducing its power and reach, which allows training costs and technical support very attractive.

The graph below shows a comparison of the world leaders of the ERPs where you can appreciate the position of Odoo, with wide scope for your company and very friendly to the user.